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FlaskSQLAlchemy教程 AI君 129℃

在这里您可以看到每一个 Flask-SQLAlchemy 发布版本的变化的完整列表。

Version 2.1¶

In development

  • Table names are automatically generated in more cases, including
    subclassing mixins and abstract models.

Version 2.0¶

Released on August 29th 2014, codename Bohrium

  • Changed how the builtin signals are subscribed to skip non Flask-SQLAlchemy
    sessions. This will also fix the attribute error about model changes
    not existing.
  • Added a way to control how signals for model modifications are tracked.
  • Made the SignallingSession a public interface and added a hook
    for customizing session creation.
  • If the bind parameter is given to the signalling session it will no
    longer cause an error that a parameter is given twice.
  • Added working table reflection support.
  • Enabled autoflush by default.
  • Consider SQLALCHEMY_COMMIT_ON_TEARDOWN harmful and remove from docs.

Version 1.0¶

Released on July 20th 2013, codename Aurum

  • Added Python 3.3 support.
  • Dropped 2.5 compatibility.
  • Various bugfixes
  • Changed versioning format to do major releases for each update now.

Version 0.16¶

  • New distribution format (flask_sqlalchemy)
  • Added support for Flask 0.9 specifics.

Version 0.15¶

  • Added session support for multiple databases

Version 0.14¶

  • Make relative sqlite paths relative to the application root.

Version 0.13¶

  • Fixed an issue with Flask-SQLAlchemy not selecting the correct binds.

Version 0.12¶

  • Added support for multiple databases.
  • Expose Flask-SQLAlchemy’s BaseQuery as db.Query.
  • Set default query_class for db.relation, db.relationship, and
    db.dynamic_loader to Flask-SQLAlchemy’s BaseQuery.
  • Improved compatibility with Flask 0.7.

Version 0.11¶

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.10 with alternative table constructors.

Version 0.10¶

  • Added support for signals.
  • Table names are now automatically set from the class name unless
  • Model.query now always works for applications directly passed to
    the SQLAlchemy constructor. Furthermore the property now raises
    an RuntimeError instead of being None.
  • added session options to constructor.
  • fixed a broken __repr__
  • db.Table is now a factor function that creates table objects.
    This makes it possible to omit the metadata.

Version 0.9¶

  • applied changes to pass the Flask extension approval process.

Version 0.8¶

  • added a few configuration keys for creating connections.
  • automatically activate connection recycling for MySQL connections.
  • added support for the Flask testing mode.

Version 0.7¶

  • Initial public release

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