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Bootstrap v4.0.0-beta.2 发布,Web 前端 UI 框架

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  Bootstrap v4.0.0-beta.2


  •   Improved Sass map customization with #23260. With this change, it’s now
    possible to override specific key value pairs instead of resetting the entire
    map, ideal for color scheme customization.
  •   Restored grid .offset- modifiers in #23445. Originally our intent was to
    supplement this with our margin utilities, but we underestimated the appeal of
    fixed number column offsets.
  •   Remove unnecessary color from .badge, and it’s associated $badge-color
    variable, in #23529.
  •   Rename grayscale function to gray to avoid breaking CSS native grayscale
    filter in #23579.
  •   Renamed .table-inverse, .thead-inverse, and .thead-default to .*-dark and
    .*-light, matching our color schemes used elsewhere in #23560.
  •   Responsive tables now generate classes for each grid breakpoint, meaning
    we’ve added .table-responsive-{sm,md,lg,xl} to the already present
    .table-responsive. You might need to adjust your usage depending on when you
    want a table to resize. See #22804.
  •   Include two new dist files which contain Popper.js inside
    bootstrap.bundle.js and bootstrap.bundle.min.js. See #23735.
  •   Dropped support for Bower as they’ve deprecated the package manager. See
  •   Switched breadcrumbs from float to flexbox in #23683.
  •   Added new CSS variables in #23761.
  •   Switched to Stylelint in #23572.
  •   New Theming page in the docs from #23611
  •   #23943: Changed the color-yiq from a mixin that included the color property
    to a function that returns a value, allowing you to use it for any CSS property.
    For example, instead of color-yiq(#000), you’d write color:
  •   New and improved theming in #24429.



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