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Django2.0手册:建设 Django

Django2.0手册 AI君 126℃

Django is a community that lives on its volunteers. As it keeps growing, we
always need more people to help others. As soon as you learn Django, you can
contribute in many ways:

  • Join the django-users mailing list and answer questions. This
    mailing list has a huge audience, and we really want to maintain a
    friendly and helpful atmosphere. If you’re new to the Django community,
    you should read the posting guidelines.
  • Join the #django IRC channel on Freenode and answer questions. By
    explaining Django to other users, you’re going to learn a lot about the
    framework yourself.
  • Blog about Django. We syndicate all the Django blogs we know about on
    the community page; if you’d like to see your blog on that page you
    can register it here.
  • Contribute to open-source Django projects, write some documentation, or
    release your own code as an open-source pluggable application. The
    ecosystem of pluggable applications is a big strength of Django, help us
    build it!

If you think working with Django is fun, wait until you start working on
it. We’re passionate about helping Django users make the jump to contributing
members of the community, so there are several ways you can help Django’s

Really, ANYONE can do something to help make Django better and greater!

Browse the following sections to find out how:

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